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CO-SPACE is the perfect place where I can focus on my work, share ideas with other members and learn through diverse workshops. Its team is friendly, open-minded and so efficient. They support me in providing a quiet, clean and professional space, which help me move forward with ease. Thank you CO-SPACE! 

Founder & Director of AYA / Angle Your Aim / Design Agency


CO-SPACE is not only providing a comfortable, bright and fresh working place for me and BCNV’s team-meetings but also connecting me with many others amazing, friendly women to spread my network and change my professional life. They have so many great workshops on many aspects which support women improve their profession

I’d love talking with Anne. She’s so friendly, and always be a good listener and gives the best pieces of advice.

Communication Manager of Breast Cancer Network Vietnam (BCNV)


Rachel has long had an interest in scrap-booking and can assist with color choices, measuring and design and layout of your pages. Rachel has sourced materials from Australia and America in anticipation of this workshop.

Creative Mom & Scrap Booking Trainer 


I initially started working at

CO-SPACE, because a client gave me a free trial to see their offices. As soon as I walked in the doors, I felt comfortable. I don't have an office, so this is ideal when I need a quiet space to zone in. But it has become so much more than that!

Founder/Photographer, Danielle Desnoyers Photography


We teach our classes at

CO-SPACE, because we love the ambience of the space. All aspiring actors feel really comfortable in the space and that is very important for my class also the place looks great on camera. I love working with Anne and her team because they always think with us in finding solutions and possibilities.

Head acting trainer

Orange Wolves Creative Training


For me CO-SPACE is not only a place to work, connect with other working women, and attend workshops you can't find anywhere else. It has also been a space for me to offer new workshops, like Working Effectively Across Cultures, Group Coaching and present on my favourite topic of Women Leadership.
Anne and the CO-SPACE Team have been enormously supportive, both, with the organization as well as with the promotion of events.  

Co-Author, Curator and Coach 


With my events at CO-SPACE I am supporting clients to make a special journey in their life to discover life purpose, core personal values, energetic paradigm, motivations, potentials, blocks in order to create the transfomational step in their life.

Transition Coach 


Claire is a member at CO-SPACE and makes use of the working area, community of women as well as workshops. 

Working for a Foundation


CO-SPACE has truly changed my professional life. From attending amazing events and talks, to getting to know so many empowered women, the space has definitely helped me empower myself.

Photographer at Livia Ramirez Photography


My first intention to come to CO-SPACE was to help my friend who need a meeting room that can accommodate 20 people. And I’ve found a meeting room here as wish. CO-SPACE providing different choices of office services which is very useful. And a good place to meet with different people especially hard-working Women sharing their stories and experiences.

Founder & Owner of Agnes Café


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